Run, Forrest, Run! (30 Days, Day 17)

I am now officially truly and properly back on the exercise bike. Except that’s a metaphor, because I’ve quit the gym (purely financial reasons, I promise). Yesterday was a run day, and I was pleased at how it went. I’m only in week 2 of Couch to 5K so it’s actually still a lot of walking, but I hadn’t done one in 2 weeks so was delighted to discover that the shock didn’t kill me.  Continue reading

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*Insert great catchy title about not giving up* (30 Days, Days 15 & 16)

Ahem. Yes. I seem to have stopped exercising.

Not sure what happened. Did my workout on day 14, great, feeling very enthusiastic about the future. Found some most excellent yoga videos shared on another blog (Yoga with Adriene, try it, she is the most engaging person ever ever ever), did some yoga on day 15, reached the halfway point of my 30 days, felt great.  Continue reading

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Give Me Strength (30 Days, Day 14)

Just done a 20 minute full body workout from my exercise app. I chose it because I thought it’d be a cop out – less effort and hassle than gym or running. It’s basically 20 moves, each repeated for a minute. The app randomly picks the moves, so it usually ends up with  a lot of cardio grouped together, I get puffed out, half-heartedly flap my way through the rest and spend about 30 seconds per minute lying on the floor watching the clock tick down. Today for some reason there was hardly any cardio, which kind of worked out as meaning I could keep going all the way through, whilst also making the whole thing much harder….  Continue reading

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Oops… I did it again (30 Days, Day 13)

I f***ed up!!! I missed two days in a row. Friday, I was so tired, I was in bed by nine, I just couldn’t. And once I’d missed a day, Saturday was all too easy to ignore. Luckily, my weekly climb date came around today, otherwise I think that’d have been it for my 30 days.  Continue reading

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Urgh (30 Days, Day 12)

I know. I know it was cardio day. But I had a shit day. Had a meeting with my boss to discuss my role, which was just him saying no to everything I’d asked for. I think the company is in breach of my contract, but I’m too tired/anxious/socially incapable/cowardly to push. In any case, I came out knowing that I’m not worth them making any concessions, or putting any effort into my professional development and that I’m too weak to do anything about it. Continue reading

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Ommmmm (30 Days, Day 11)

Just a little note to say that I think I am definitely a yoga convert. Not ready for public yoga though, but I’m very much enjoying having a go at home, and am also, dare I say it, feeling a little calmer. Continue reading

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Dutch Courage (30 Days, Day 10)

A marvellous thing has entered my world. It’s possible that life may never be the same again. I have discovered the stroopwafel!  Continue reading

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