Wrap It Up – 2012 In Pictures

So this week’s writing challenge is all about looking back on the year and summing it up in some form or other. Now I’m not the best photographer, but I love taking pictures, and I really love looking over my old pictures and remembering the times that they represent. With that in mind, my tribute to ‘wrapping up’ 2012 is a quick look back at my top ten photos of the year. I’ve put them in chronological order, rather than in order of my favourites, so you can journey through the year with me, so to speak.

1. February – Snow!

This is back home in the UK, where we don’t see a lot of the white stuff. When it arrives, we all get very excited and start planning the days off work we’ll be having, the snowmen we’ll build, what we can use to construct a homemade toboggan. Sadly, by the time we’ve got our gloves on, it’s usually all turned to slush. I like this picture because it’s the first time I’ve shot in black and white. I played with it a bit after, giving it a bit of a blue tint, which is also something that I’d never normally do.

2. March – Bees
These beehives are up on the Lasithi Plateau in Crete, Greece. The honey there is out of this world. The beekeepers move the hives to different areas as different plants come into blossom; that way they can give the honey a variety of flavours. Top way to eat the honey is dabbed onto some feta cheese, or if you’re suffering from a cold (or any kind of ailment really), try adding some honey to the local tipple, raki. You’ll still need to down it in one, but the honey will stop it from burning so much on the way down. And remember, when someone offers you a raki, you should have two shots. Down the first one, and savour the second. Or as they say in Crete, one for each leg.

3. March – More snow!
This is from the same day as the previous shot. Down in the town, we were all swanning around in our t shirts, so it was a bit of a surprise to travel half an hour in a jeep and find snow on the mountains. We actually had to stop so that one member of our party could get out and touch it! Crete is famous for its sunny climate, but during the winter it does rain and snow quite heavily. This snow didn’t melt until the beginning of July, by which time the temperatures were nearing 40 celsius…

4. June – Room to rent
This is a little cottage on the beachfront in Matala, Crete. The town used to be a hippy commune (Joni Mitchell spent some time there), and still has that chilled out, peace and love vibe, albeit jazzed up a bit for the tourists. I like that the cottage is derelict, but still bears the ‘room for rent’ sign. It’s the kind of place where you can imagine spending the summer squatting in a boarded up beach house, spending your days selling handmade jewellry and dancing the nights away on the waterfront.

5. June – Glorious sunset
This is still in Matala. It’s probably my favourite of any picture I’ve ever taken. I remember it was a rush to take it; the sun was setting so fast and people kept walking past and getting in the way. But it hasn’t come out with a rushed feel to it. In fact when I look at it I feel so relaxed and peaceful, exactly the way that I did that day.

6. June – One last Matala shot
Taken just after sunset. On the right, you can just see the Neolithic caves jutting out. They are manmade caves, which were used as tombs. My favourite thing about this picture is the wind farm that you can just make out on the top of the mountains. I have a thing about wind farms…..I think they’re great.

7. July – Most amazing view I have ever seen
I have no idea where we were when I took this. We’d driven pretty much from one end of Crete to the other. We were somewhere in the east, and we stopped the car by the side of the road to walk up a little hill. On the other side was the most awe inspiring view that I have ever come across. I haven’t really done it justice in this photo, but I like looking at it anyway as it reminds me of the real deal.

8. July – What?
This is at the AquaPlus waterpark, just outside Hersonissos, Crete. I’m not a big fan of waterparks, but bad English translations on signs are one of my favourite things ever. We passed this at the entrance. I’ve only recently realised that they were aiming for STAFF toilets.

9. August – I, robot.
This dude is standing outside a little mini golf course in the famous party town of Malia, Crete. I’m fairly sure he’s the only cool thing in Malia. Well, the mini golf was okay, and the pub next door serve amazing sausage and mash. If only the clientele would put some clothes on.

10. November – Back in Blighty
This is taken from the window of a National Express coach, somewhere outside Leeds. The city lights were all laid out just under the last bit of sun, but try as I might, I couldn’t capture them in the photo, what with all the movement, and the glass in the way.

Well that’s my year in pictures! I’ve got to say, as years go, 2012 has treated me pretty well. Here’s hoping that 2013 lives up to its example!

If you want to get involved with this weekly writing challenge hoohaa, have a little look at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/writing-challenge-wrapup/

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