5 a day for 5 days – Day 2: AAAARGH!

So today is one of those days when all these silly fruits and vegetables are not leaving me room to eat all of the other things that I want. For instance the double helping of vaguely fruity breakfast bars and the other half of the giant courgette omelette slice didn’t allow much space for the McCoys Flame Grilled Steak crisps that I wanted to buy at the station. I bought them anyway. I ate them all. Crisps used to be potatoes in a former life and potatoes are a kind of vegetable……

Had planned stuffed peppers for dinner but since I have to go to bed in the next two hours if I’m to get any sort of meaningful sleep before the joys of the morning commute and haven’t yet started planning my lessons for tomorrow (see earlier post re New Year’s Resolutions), there isn’t really time for cooking. Have revised the menu and am now going with leek and potato soup. Shop bought, please contact Tesco for the recipe.

And in the name of all that is holy will somebody please tell me how to get the burnt egg off my roasting dish!

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