30 Days of Exercise – Day 4

I’m having a mega chaotic no brain day. Lazed around too long this morning and then had to run out of the house in a hurry to make it to work on time – minus my gym stuff which screwed my original plan to take the plunge and visit the second gym on my dual branch membership deal. (That one’s near work so no fear of bumping into any exes, huge fear of bumping into colleagues or just being generally intimidated by shiny City people from the surrounding shiny offices). 

Lost my water bottle at work. Had it in my hand, with my phone charger. Went to another office. Came back, couldn’t find it anywhere, searched all day. Came home this evening, saw it on the table. Water bottle found, but mind obviously lost. No sign of the phone charger either.

Wanted to do a workout from an app I have. Sadly couldn’t charge my dead iPad without the above mentioned charger. Finally gave in and went for a run.

I’ve tried the Couch to 5K scheme a couple of times, and a few weeks back made it as far as week 3, before a sudden heatwave provided me with the perfect excuse to stop. I thought it might make a nice addition to the exercise schedule, partly because it’s 3 runs a week, so I won’t be finished when the 30 days are up, and I’ll have something to keep going with. I toyed with starting where I left off, but I’m a bit precious about perfect scores and doing things properly, so I started again from the beginning.

I bought some new trainers last week. I’d previously been running in dance trainers, which are very thin soled. I can’t believe the difference. I think I might actually like running! I chose my new ones because my next door neighbour has the same brand (she and her partner leave their matching trainers outside their door, which is the most I ever see of either of them). I thought that if actual running people use them, they must be alright. Later I realised that their shoes are always there, so they probably don’t actually run a lot. Still, I love my new shoes, in all their neon-laced, bouncy soled glory.

It was also really satisfying to complete a run with ease. It’s one I’ve progressed past, so it was supposed to be easy, but I’ve never completed a run without wanting to die before, so I think that was an important landmark for me… I mean, I know I only ran for eight minutes in total, but it’s the first time that I’ve taken pleasure in actually doing it, rather than in having done it.

If you don’t know what Couch to 5K is, let me summarise: It’s a nine week running program that builds you up from complete beginner status to being able to run 5k nonstop. The first week’s runs are ninety second walks interspersed with sixty second runs, and you gradually get less walking, more running until you can run for half an hour without a break. If you’re like me and have never run in your life before, it’s a very non-threatening introduction to the activity. There are various apps you can download, but if you’re British and reading this, let me recommend the BBC one – you can choose between Jo Whiley, Sanjeev Kohli, Sarah Millican and Michael Johnson as your personal trainer. I’ve been running with Jo up to now, as she’s very sympathetic, but I think as I’m repeating, I might try Sarah next time. I feel like we probably have more in common in real life.

Hey wouldn’t it be cool to have an app where you could record your own voice overs to the running programs for friends and family?

Anyway, this post has gotten a little rambly and pointless… to sum up, I think I’m getting the hang of sticking to a routine. And running is not always awful. Hurray.

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