30 Days of Exercise – Day 5

Tonight it nearly didn’t happen. It’s been a rubbish, rainy, windy evening. I got soaking feet on the way to the station from work. Then I had to go to the Post Office Collection Point, which is open for five minutes a day except on Wednesdays, when it stays open an extra three. They’d been holding 2 parcels hostage for 2 weeks now, and it was my last chance to liberate them before they were returned to sender. Having retrieved my parcels (second hand copy of All The Light We Cannot See – wish I could remember whose blog I heard about it on, and a gimmicky world map covered in foil you scratch away when you’ve visited the place – whim buy in a moment of severe sadness, haven’t opened the parcel yet to see how awful it really is), I spent the rest of the evening under my duvet. Around nine, I dragged myself online to find the NHS Strength and Flex program, which I guessed would probably be the most gentle form of exercise out there.

So I start streaming the podcast, am enjoying the warm up, am happily ‘rowing’ as I pace around my living room (which is also my bedroom – I’m poor), when a flurry of movement catches my eye and the biggest spider in the world strolls in under the front door. I lose my shit, drop my imaginary oars and run to the kitchen for a glass to catch him in. When I get back, he’s gone.

The next half hour involved me trying to ‘quietly’ vacuum under my furniture, then moving all my furniture in search of the beast, not finding him and instead finding a slug under my bed. A slug. For Christ’s sake. I occasionally hate living on the ground floor.

But I persevered and started the podcast again. It was pretty low-key, as expected, but I was pleased that I could feel the movement and stretch in my muscles, unlike the failed Pilates experiment. I really need to get my head around the fact that really small movements can be effective. I have this stupid idea that exercise should be big and dramatic, and sure, I suppose sometimes it should be, but as I’m really starting from the very bottom, I have to do things properly, piece by piece. I feel like I’m learning a bit about what is where and how everything moves and rotates. I think this might turn out to be pretty helpful when I’m climbing.

It was also a nice session to do before bed. I feel all relaxed and stretched out. To be honest though, I’d say that the main achievement today was just keeping going and not skipping the day. I didn’t really achieve any fitness goals, but I did show a bit of discipline, and that’s the whole reason I started this. I’m glad I didn’t flake.

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