30 Days of Exercise – Day 7b? Fine, Day 1…

Yeah so 6 days in and I flaked. But I’m back, because *insert inspirational blogpost about never giving up*.

Actually, it’s because yesterday I ate an entire quiche. And right now I’m sat shovelling chocolate raisins into my mouth. I neeeeeeed to exercise.

Also because I have this dogged streak that keeps me banging my head against the same spot on the wall until it eventually breaks through to the other side. When I was doing my bachelor’s degree, I did my first year 3 times – kept dropping out and for some reason kept going back. I quit smoking on the fifth or sixth attempt. I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

So today is once again day 1, and it was once again a climbing day. They’d changed the routes a bit so I couldn’t complete the one that had me beat last week, but I did another one that scares the bejesus out of me so I’m feeling good about myself. I’m planning a run for tomorrow, and gym for Tuesday, then something more mellow for Wednesday (suggestions on a postcard please).

Also, I know no one really reads this blog anymore (that’s what 2 years with no posts does!), but thanks to those of you who have taken the time to give a like. It’s honestly helped me to not throw in the whole thing. I know other people’s exercise routines are not particularly interesting, but if I wasn’t posting about it, there’s a very good chance that once I’d failed a day, I would have said ‘f*** it’ and moved onto the next thing. Aside from the fitness aspect, I’m really really trying to learn some discipline and self control so that I can achieve more important long term goals, so even the tiniest bit of encouragement has helped. So thanks!

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