Body and Soul (30 Days, Day 2)

So today was a bit weird. I had a pretty nice day yesterday, and went to bed feeling positive about the road ahead. Then I lay there in the dark for seven hours unable to sleep. Got up, went to work, managed to log into my computer. Sent some stuff to print. Went to the printer to release it. My heart’s beating really f*ing fast. Paper jam. Opened the printer, no paper jam (this is normal for the first print of the day). Closed printer. Paper jam. Repeated 4 times. Started to get dizzy. Sat on chair staring at printer. My boss asks me if I’m ok and I dissolve into a puddle of mush and have to go sit in the kitchen for 15 minutes, by which time it’s apparent that I’m not going to be getting my shit together enough to work and I go home.

What. The. Fuck.

SO I came home and now am bricking it about going to work tomorrow. On the plus side it means I had plenty of time to get my run out of the way this afternoon. I was going to go to the gym as I had the extra time, but am very glad I didn’t as I really struggled even with the ‘easy’ run. I mean I completed it, but I had a stitch and I was pretty breathless by the end.

I tried Sarah Millican this time, was a bit disappointed at first. She didn’t offer much support, whereas Jo Whiley kind of coaxes you through the run. But actually, keeping it nice and simple, just telling me when to start and stop was kind of what I needed today. And she has a lovely accent.

Moral of the story: sleep matters, kids.

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