1 step forward, 1 step back, cha cha cha (30 days, day 3)

Day 3. That is 1/10 of the way through. Not that I’m counting. 

Actually made it to the gym, hurray! Still only did half an hour, but as it’s a half hour walk there as well, I don’t feel guilty. And I did do a bit of proper sweating today, upped the level on the cross trainer, did 15 minutes there, and then 15 minutes on a bike with the seat at the appropriate height this time. I burned off around 200 calories, which coincidentally is pretty much what is in the Muller Crunch Corner I ate when I got home. Life is a balancing act, right? I would’ve eaten it anyway, at least this way it doesn’t count? Right?

Yeah. Whatever.

On the plus side, nobody pointed and laughed when I walked into work this morning, and no one asked me any questions about my meltdown yesterday. I shall continue pretending to be a normal, fully-functioning member of the human race.

I want to something stretchy or strengthening-y tomorrow, but something that preferably doesn’t involve equipment (I have some weights, left behind by the former occupants of my flat, but nothing else), can be done in a relatively small space, and doesn’t include other people. I basically don’t want to leave the house. Any ideas, or video tutorial links etc.?


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