Dance the night away…(30 Days, Day 4)

I’ve just spent an hour and a half dancing in my bedroom. And I’m counting it as my exercise for the day, I don’t care! 

I wanted to do stretching/strengthening things, but I was mentally done for the day and couldn’t face trawling YouTube for a routine. I’ve been browsing Masters programs and pipe dreaming (why are unrealistic dreams ‘pipe’ dreams? etymology nerds, a little help please?) – debating the benefits of Norway (no tuition fees) versus Glasgow (trip to the UN included), vaguely throwing in London (I already live here) before facing up to the fact that I have no money and won’t be studying anywhere anytime soon.

So that’s why I wanted to dance – distraction from real life. You have to be careful with Spotify though – I did a ‘nineties’ search because yes, most of my dancing years were spent in a pretty naff music era, and I can’t quite shake my attachment to cheesy pop. Spotify takes vague suggestions and runs with them though, so I kept getting blindsided by unexpected song memories. Fairground by Simply Red came out of the blue – my stepdad used to do construction work overseas when I was little, and he told me when it played on the radio on the building sites, all these tough guy builders would have to hide their tears. He died thirteen years ago, and sometimes I can listen to it, but today I did a hasty skip, I hope he doesn’t mind.

Guru Josh Project’s Infinity was cheerier, brought back a lot of memories of dancing in rubbish clubs at student nights in Sicily many moons ago. Better Off Alone (Alice Deejay) was one of the first CD singles I ever owned. Who remembers going to Woolworths on Saturdays to check out the top 40 and buy that song of the week that everyone had to have? I didn’t buy a lot of singles, I was quite the expert at taping songs from the radio though.

Exercise wise, no great achievements. Although at climbing on Sunday, I assured my friend that I couldn’t touch my toes (flexibility conversation, nothing weird), and now I know that actually I can (eccentric dance move, very weird).

Onwards and upwards. There’s a chance I’ll make it to the gym tomorrow. If the rain lets up a bit. Sigh.

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