A jog down Memory Lane (30 Days, Day 5)

I was a bit naughty today. I decided that now I am a proper exercising person, I could have proper exercising clothing, so I sneaked (snuck?) into Primarni on the way home from work and splashed out on exciting new leggings with neon reflective waves down them. You know, because in the eventuality that my tri-weekly gambols around the neighbourhood evolve into serious running and I cannot fit all of my serious runs into daylight hours, I’ll need to be able to be seen by oncoming traffic. Also, because there is a photograph of me and a kid from my village when we’re about six, in which we are basically dressed as our parents, He’s wearing a hawaiian shirt and chinos, and his posture somehow evokes ‘middle-aged, slightly overweight, had one too many at the pub, slightly embarrassing my wife’ even though he’s a scrawny primary school boy. I’ve got a side ponytail and a neon yellow polka-dot disco skirt/top combo. When I saw the neon striped leggings, it made me smile at how things come full circle.

I also decided I needed some more support, and in the absence of the mental kind, went for a new sports bra with complicated crossover straps and stuff. Ever gotten stuck in a sports bra? I can now tick that off my bucket list.

Well once I’d done all of that shopping stuff, I couldn’t really be bothered to walk to the gym, exercise and walk home again. Also, I’ve discovered Poldark, so to be honest there wasn’t really time in my schedule for too much else. I made tonight a Couch to 5K night instead. Needed to try out my new running ensemble, after all.

It was nice. The sun was just starting to go down, and there was football training in the park. I tried to take a decent photo, but it’s not the easiest when you’re not allowed to stop moving, so it’s a bit blurry, sorry:sunset

It was good to be outside, I’m glad I went running instead of to the gym. I was also pretty relieved that it wasn’t too difficult – I was panicking a bit after last time, but I guess I was just a bit under the weather. Next run is from the week 2 routine, so slightly longer runs.

I am aiming for gym tomorrow though, because it’s climbing on Saturday so I probably won’t be up to much on Sunday. We’ll see…

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