Building Rome, Day 2 (30 Days, Day 6)

I’ll be honest, what I’ve done today probably doesn’t really qualify. I’ve done a few squats and lunges, some push ups and planks. I feel guilty, but also completely drained. 

But I think it is time that I got a bit more serious about this. I’ve made it far enough that exercise is becoming part of the routine, but the exercise I’m doing isn’t actually doing me much good. Not a single muscle has grown, nor an ounce of fat shed. I’ve gotten over the first hurdle, which is simply making exercise a part of my life, now I think it’s time to add some structure to the three weeks I have left of exercising every day.

I go climbing once a week, leaving six other days to fill. I think it’s time to start alternating cardio with resistance training. I should admit that I am using that term very loosely as I have neither the equipment nor the knowledge to do anything complicated.

Cardio is easy – a run and two gym sessions, or two runs and a gym session, whatever. I could do with a little help putting together a routine I can do at home for the other days though. I’d like to strengthen my upper body and abs, as my noticeable lack in those areas holds me back a bit when climbing. Also, not to sound vain, but I’d really like to have a better looking bum. I did ballet for fifteen years, and had a charming derriere, but when I gave up, so did it, and for the last decade it’s been the feature I’m happiest is behind me where I can’t see it.

I suppose the other thing I have to do is pay more attention to diet. I eat appallingly at the moment. I’m in a phase where I’m not interested in cooking, teetering on the verge of giving up meat but not really knowing anything about vegetables. I’ve gotten into a really bad (and costly) habit of going to a cafe for lunch, not really for the food, but for the pleasure of being away from work for half an hour. And I eat a lot of sugar. I mean a lot. Plus I’m in a caffeine frenzy at the moment. So the fat is piling on. My skin is horrible, I’m insanely pale. I’m tired and I don’t sleep well. A goal this weekend is to do a proper ‘big shop’ and plan some decent meals for the week ahead. Unfortunately I don’t have a freezer, but I can still cook up a couple of things on Sunday for the days ahead. Any tasty ideas? No avocado. Just, no.

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