Don’t look down (30 Days, Day 7)

On the plus side, I’ve got to 7 days, which is further than last time. On the other hand, I was a rubbish climber today. Couldn’t complete any of the routes I tried. There’s a route on the traversing wall that I tried over and over again, unable to get past the same point. And on the other walls, same problem every time: heights. I’m scared to fall. I get to a certain height, and I know I can climb higher, but I’m too afraid of what happens if I make a mistake, or how I’ll get down again. I don’t know how to get past the fear. What if I can’t? I love climbing, it’s the first physical exercise that I’ve ever really enjoyed apart from dancing. I don’t have a fear of heights in general, so I don’t know why now. I’m so frustrated.


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