Namaste (30 Days, Day 8)

I was going to go for a run today, but then spent the day in Cambridge visiting a friend, checked the pedometer on my phone on the way home and saw I’d already hit 15,000 steps. My average is 7000, I’m a fairly sedentary being, so I decided I’d covered enough distance for one day.

Instead, I’ve just tried yoga for the first time ever. I loved it! I’ve been feeling such a lack of confidence at the climbing wall, and I’ve been desperate for something to help me with strength and flexibility. I thought that Pilates would be it, and I’ve always regarded yoga as a bit woolly, to be honest. But turns out I really didn’t like Pilates, and yoga is not so easy after all!

I absolutely sucked at it, but apparently that’s not the point. I mean I couldn’t really do any of the poses properly, and my t shirt kept falling over my head during my downward facing dogs, so I’m really happy I decided not to go to a class for my first try. But rather than feeling disheartened by my lack of success, I felt like I was at the beginning of a journey. I think I’ve found something I might enjoy getting into.

I found one thing difficult, and it’s something I find difficult in daily life too. That’s just staying present in the moment. Most things I do, I’m looking forward to having done them, and I spend an immense amount of time planning for the future and working out how to get there. I don’t tend to enjoy the journey much these days. It leaves me feeling frustrated a lot of the time, because I can’t enjoy what’s happening now, and the future is still so abstract that it’s hard to connect it to where I am at the moment. I think yoga might be able to help with that. I think it’s going to take a lot of practice though. Even while doing it, I had to stop myself from mentally writing this blog post. Each pose is held for a while, and my mind just kept racing off ahead.

If you’re looking for a yoga taster and don’t feel brave enough for a class, a friend recommended this to me. I just registered without paying and then had access to free online videos. Apparently there are also podcasts and pdf sheets with pictures of the various poses. I did a 30 minute video tonight. Think I’ll repeat the same one a few times and see how I get on.



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