Dutch Courage (30 Days, Day 10)

A marvellous thing has entered my world. It’s possible that life may never be the same again. I have discovered the stroopwafel! 

I’m unsure the exact purpose of the stroopwafel. It doesn’t give away a lot of clues about which meal it belongs to. It is unclear whether it considers itself breakfast, snack or dessert. To be honest though, the only sensible answer to the question “When should one eat stroopwafel?” is really “When should one not eat stroopwafel?”. I’m a fan, in case you hadn’t guessed.

If you don’t know what stroopwafel is, here are some pictures of stroopwafel. Mmmm, stroopwafel.

Sadly, this means I’m going to have to up my game in the exercise stakes. So far I’ve been exercising enough to eat fairly substantial quantities of junk and stay the same weight. Stroopwafel may finally tip the scales against me.

To this end, I’ve taken the liberty of buying some new toys. I have a moderately cheap activity tracker to keep a more accurate count of my steps, and also to keep an eye on my sleep patterns. The Sunday night no sleep thing happened again this week, although I managed to avoid the matching Monday morning freak out, and I’m not sure if it’s work anxiety, excess coffee or what.

tracker As you can see, it mostly looks like something the police might use to track my activity, but I’ve always had weird stick wrists and most arm jewellery ends up looking like manacles so I’m not too bothered. It’s nice to have something to obsessively check that isn’t Facebook. It’s really simple to use, there’s an app to go with it which bluetooths info to your phone, and it tells the time. It’s comfy and it fits around even my undersized claws. It’s not the prettiest, and the screen flashes on with the slightest arm movement which is a bit distracting, but otherwise, so far, so good.

I also committed to the hippy life and bought a yoga mat. If anyone in London wants one, there’s a sale on in Sports Direct on Oxford Street. Mine was £8.99, down from £17.99. I thought you could get them in Tiger, but you can’t. You can buy stroopwafel though, so perhaps it was destiny that led me in there.

In between all this discovery and purchasing , I did manage to go for a fairly uneventful run. I’m not a sticker at things, so at this point I’m getting seriously bored by the monotony of doing something every day. I don’t have the enthusiasm of embarking on a new adventure, the end is still really far away and it’s all a bit meh. The fact that I’m doing pretty light exercise means I’m not really seeing any benefits, but as the point was to do something and keep doing it, I’m nervous about setting myself higher goals in case I end up not achieving the original one. But I need something to keep me interested. Any ideas for manageable goals or challenges I could set myself?

1/3 of the way through in any case. Hoera! (The internet says that’s Dutch for hooray.)


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