Ommmmm (30 Days, Day 11)

Just a little note to say that I think I am definitely a yoga convert. Not ready for public yoga though, but I’m very much enjoying having a go at home, and am also, dare I say it, feeling a little calmer.

I think the whole 30 days experiment is starting to help me with my *ahem* personality issues… I’m finding it a bit easier to let things go, and I think I’m less angry and judgy. Or at least a little less. I think that doing something constructive for myself is a) helping me to feel less helpless about my own direction and therefore be less eager to blame everyone else for what happens to me and b) reminding me every day that doing stuff is hard and I should be encouraging my peers instead of pulling them down. Basically, hating myself a little less makes me hate everyone a little less.


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