*Insert great catchy title about not giving up* (30 Days, Days 15 & 16)

Ahem. Yes. I seem to have stopped exercising.

Not sure what happened. Did my workout on day 14, great, feeling very enthusiastic about the future. Found some most excellent yoga videos shared on another blog (Yoga with Adriene, try it, she is the most engaging person ever ever ever), did some yoga on day 15, reached the halfway point of my 30 days, felt great. 

And then, like the great Forrest Gump, for no particular reason, I stopped.

Discipline. I don’t have any. Attention span. Goldfish-esque.

Jeans. Getting very very tight.

So gosh dang darn it to heck, I’m carrying on. I may have failed in my quest to do 30 straight days of exercise (just misspelled that and it auto-corrected to exorcism…), but I will get to the end, in my own, disorganised, ‘making it harder than it needs to be’, maverick fashion. And next challenge, I will do better.

I spent the afternoon yesterday with a friend who is moving away. He wanted to do ‘London’ things, but we couldn’t decide on anything specific, so what started as a stroll ended up being a 10 mile urban hike around zone 1: Victoria to Westminster, up to Trafalgar Square, through Mayfair to Speaker’s Corner, down through Hyde Park and over to South Kensington. I think that counts as day 16. Today I’m not sure whether it’ll be a run, a workout or a yoga session.

9 I follow a couple of blogs like mine which involve 30 day challenges, or exercise/weight loss things, and it seems that over the past week, I’m not the only one who’s hit a wall. One by one, other people’s blogs seem to be falling silent. Just a little message to say don’t give up! Part of the reason I keep going is because of the respect I feel when all of you keep going. It makes me think that if you can, I can. Well the reverse is also true: if I can, you can, and it doesn’t matter if you slip. I’m trying to get rid of this belief I have that if I’m going to do something imperfectly, I may as well not do it at all. It’s so not true. Perseverance is worth so much more than perfection. Hey, since I’m all about the TED talks, watch this one explaining why in the end, grit is worth more than talent. And big respect to entirelyellen whose latest blog post showed grit of the grittiest kind and helped me decide to get back on the horse for 14 more days.

PS I have a Skype interview today which if it goes well may lead to me quitting my job and heading off to a volunteer position overseas for 2 months. I realise that this is financially an incredibly stupid thing to do, and part of me can’t believe I’m considering it, but I’m just so sick of waiting for life to change, shouldn’t I just get on and change it myself? The day I submitted my application, I was filled with doubts, and then I received the termly newsletter from my old high school. It had a picture of a text which used to hang outside the headmaster’s office (maybe it still does), that reads:

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing that I can do, or any kindness that I can show any human being, let me do it now, and not defer it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

I took that as validation for my possibly reckless actions. So change may be on the horizon…


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