Run, Forrest, Run! (30 Days, Day 17)

I am now officially truly and properly back on the exercise bike. Except that’s a metaphor, because I’ve quit the gym (purely financial reasons, I promise). Yesterday was a run day, and I was pleased at how it went. I’m only in week 2 of Couch to 5K so it’s actually still a lot of walking, but I hadn’t done one in 2 weeks so was delighted to discover that the shock didn’t kill me. 

A couple of rules for the final 2 weeks:

  1. Yoga on its own does not count as exercise. I have come to love it, so I won’t be stopping it, but if it’s to count towards the challenge then I have to do something else as well, like a workout from my app or an exercise routine.
  2. I need to alternate cardio and resistance training.
  3. Each exercise session needs to last at least 30 minutes. This goes quite well with rule 1 as while those workouts on the app have a 30 minute version, I can’t quite manage it (‘can’t quite’ means ‘absolutely no way in hell’), so app + yoga will see me through nicely.

That interview yesterday went pretty well, so this time next month I may be packing my rucksack and heading off to spend two months in a refugee camp. I know I’ll need to be both mentally and physically fit and strong, so I’m keener than ever to stick at this and make it worth something, even though I’ve screwed it up so many times along the way. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, or so they say.


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