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Pastures New

Hi all you patient followers of my long silent blog! It’s been 2 years of turmoil since I last posted. I’ve moved house three times, believed I’d found love twice, landed my dream job and turned it down (I’m still … Continue reading

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Just do it

I was having a little reorganise yesterday and I came across my sketchbook in a drawer. At first I was pretty excited, and it was fun looking at old doodles:

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Scribbles from my notebook – to be continued? I can’t decide…..

Maisie awakes with the distinct sense of being in the wrong bed. As she becomes more alert, she notices other things that are wrong. The bed is in the wrong room; she is wearing the wrong pyjamas. There is a … Continue reading

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A Walk Across the Sun – Corban Addison (Book Review)

First of all, I’d just like to say thank you to all of you who liked and commented on my efforts for last week’s writing challenge. It’s the first time that I’ve been freshly pressed, and it’s been just fantastic

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Weekly Writing Challenge: 1000 words

Everything’s ruined. I didn’t even do anything. I didn’t mean to do anything.

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A is for Auster

I’ve noticed that my blog’s becoming a bit of an ‘out and about in London’ thing, which wasn’t what I intended at all when I started. In an attempt to get back to my original aim, which was to write … Continue reading

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Wrap It Up – 2012 In Pictures

So this week’s writing challenge is all about looking back on the year and summing it up in some form or other. Now I’m not the best photographer, but I love taking pictures, and I really love looking over my … Continue reading

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